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Mission Statement:

Putting previously and gently used a/v gear
and recorded media into the hands of those
who can put it to good use again.
Questions? Concerns? Suggestions?

We are here for you! Send us an
email if you need assistance and we
will be glad to help you!
Used Equipment Policy :

We attempt to describe every
item to the best of our ability,
and test each item. Because of
the intricate nature some of
Professional  Video  
electronic items we cannot
always test every facet of their
detailed operation and
oftentimes the other units,
interfaces etc, that are
necessary to do so are not in
our possession.

Repair or parts units are clearly
described as such. We cannot
afford to subject any equipment
to possible illegal parts

All sales of used electronics
, no refunds, no returns.
Thank You    - S.S.