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Pioneer TX-950 Stereo FM/AM Tuner

Perfectly functional • silver finish early
80's styling • cosmetic cond. 8.5
$ 15.00 (plus shipping)
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Pair of Infinity Qe woofers

EX Cond. like new • Rubber surrounds •
Works best with Qe enclosures designed for 4
mounting screws (rather than 8)
$ 25.00 for the pair (plus shipping)

Also available a pair of Qe crossovers - for an extra $5.00
KORG SQD-1 Midi Recorder - SOLD

Working condition • Vintage Midi sequencer •
Comeswith original manual and a box of 5 Quick
Disks to store Midi data. Heavy unit well built (they
don't make em like this anymore)
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